Comfy Chicken Nest Hat Hat

January 4, 2010 at 10:26 am | Posted in Just for fun, Music | 5 Comments

I received this e-mail recently from a fan, who happens to be in a fictional band called Comfy Chicken Nest Hat Hat.  He happens to be my little brother (@zamonium).  I was unsure who sent it to me until I listened to the audio that he attached.  This came about a week before I flew to Seattle to start recording my new album.

You simply must hear his demonstrationtrack…


From:     chickenonhead@*******.com
Subject:     Regards to next album
To:     mariancall*at*


Comfy Chicken Nest Hat Hat my Projectmusiciangroup; I am please meet you Marian Call.

I have Understanding for your not want me to play (as this is for many people want it!!) however I insist my Rockband for send you this Demonstrationtrack.  You will be listen if your nice, but not so many want it to do this!  Ha ha!

Hereby though, i send this Demonstrationtrack you with out the Rockband Permission because I think will be very excellent Edition as first Track of the new Compactdisc you will make!  Congratulation!

I can not need to boar you for more Words, that is okay.  Please to contact me if this is quite excellent, or to give me the good Playingtips for Rockband Comfy Chicken Nest Hat Hat.

Many Thank!

Rudolff Messerauge

P.s.- Sorry English! Haha!

Link to .WMA file CCNHH Demonstrationtrack2


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  1. So that’s what that was! I can’t help but to read that e-mail without the voice of Kiko from the Gorgeous Tiny Chicken Machine Show narrating the message in my head.

  2. Gogol!
    Demo sounds like the Hummer® I had when I was little…(a kind of ocarina/kazoo cross instrument but with a short keyboard, plastic).
    I used to wear a quilted tea-cozy, shaped like a nesting chicken, as a ski hat (the chicken always points uphill) over knithat. Kind of like a pimped-out 15th century Doges hat, hat.
    I always got compliments on the neat hat; only one woman said: “Thats a TEA cozy!”


  3. totally awesome; also sprach zarathustra on accordion is genius. :)

  4. (also, his email his hilarious. i wish i were that creative. :) )

  5. […] more to me than money.  Being alone on the road for months is only bearable because when something funny or frustrating or beautiful happens, I can share it with thousands of people I’ve never met […]

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