World Poetry Day

March 22, 2010 at 12:45 am | Posted in Just for fun, True Stories | 2 Comments
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Here’s a true story-slash-goofy-little ditty for you, based on a real encounter with a local musician I was interviewing to play in my band. Go read some poetry today!

A Bad Musician Meeting

I asked to interview him, so I couldn’t really see

How he got the strange impression he was there to question me.

We met for just one cup of tea, but that was quite enough.

I’m mostly a good list’ner, but the first two acts were rough.

An hour into the interview it came to his attention

That I had called the meeting and I had some things to mention.

He asked me who I was, and just for once I answered boldly

But didn’t say what all I knew of everything he’d told me.

He turned a little pale and then he blamed it on his hearing.

But if he’d just said “Pardon me” it might have been endearing.

Instead, he seized on every opportunity to flatter

My status and my pedigree and things that didn’t matter.

For his monologue pedantic and his etiquette primeval,

I wrote this homage to him, because truth be told, I’m evil.

We met for just one cup of tea, and that was quite enough.

I saw him the next week and knew the winter would be rough.

In such a town as this it’s always best to behave meekly

You never know whom you might have to entertain with weekly.



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  1. This is perfect :)

  2. I always wonder…how do you deal with people like that…I generally write them off so to say…really don’t need to bother with people who don’t really interest me…interesting story in this verse…thanks for shring.

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