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This is the saddest & hardest sort of announcement to make, but at some point it must be made. A good friend asked me why announce it at all — and I decided that the reason is to avoid having to explain this countless times, in countless forums.

Colin (@Mr_Call) and I have decided, together, to separate, and this separation looks to be permanent. We still love and respect each other; we just found out that — well, we weren’t who we thought we were. So this chapter of our lives is closed for now.

If you feel the need to place blame, we can’t stop you, but we don’t. Sometimes things just don’t turn out the way you expect, and it’s never simple, and it’s always painful. We’ve agreed that we want to keep as part of our community anyone who will have us, rather than dividing friends and family down the middle, so if you want to stay in touch with either or both of us, please do. If you don’t want to, that’s all right too.

Since we have a public life, albeit a small one, we’d like to request two things: 1) please give us our privacy & dignity in public (esp. internet) forums, and 2) please let anyone know that you think needs to know, so that we don’t have to repeat the news endlessly.

A note from me to fans: I don’t especially want to see lots of comments about this on my various social networking websites and Twitter, except for messages & DM’s. It’s a private matter, and though some of you are great fans, I will be turning to friends & family for comfort, as is appropriate, and not to you. If you wish to empathize or show support, send an e-mail (don’t post something public), and keep listening to the music and help me to complete my tour by coming out to concerts or sending friends; this will be a very tough time financially, but I’ve decided I want to keep singing. If you should write to me about this, unless you’re a close personal friend, it might take me time to respond — I’m kind of shaken. And I shouldn’t have to say this, but I do: please know that I am not in any sense single or available at this time or any time soon. I appreciate your understanding on this matter. And I really appreciate your support.

Colin will be staying in Seattle with the bus and I will return to Anchorage after my spring tour down the West Coast and into Texas. If you have questions about logistical or tour details, you can e-mail me.

Thank you, and love to all.


Marginalia — the writing outside the lines

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It’s an obscure word, but it describes the purpose of my new blog exactly.  Scribbles in the margins.  Unrelated notes.  Off-topic rants and questions.  Virtual post-it notes.

For official, “on the record,” music-related material, visit my blog through  I’ll be migrating it to WordPress soon, but for now all the stories and jokes are still over there.

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