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Welcome to the hardcore fan page! Lyrics, as requested, will be available at last. Still under construction, so pester me to finish it!

The pages nested here contain credits, production notes, and lyrics from my three albums, Something Fierce, Vanilla and Got to Fly, as well as the Song of the Month Project & other singles. Geek out all you like.  And if you have more questions about the songs or albums, you can always see if I’ve already answered it or else ask me over on Formspring.

– Lyrics & Liner Notes for Something Fierce – my newest album ever!  A double CD with amazing artwork by Brian Adams and Karen Luke Fildes.  The songs are very dear to me and I feel like this record was a big step up in terms of writing, production, and performance.  Thanks so much to all the Donors who made this record possible.  Click here to listen for free or purchase!

Lyrics & Liner Notes for Got to Fly – a work commissioned by Quantum Mechanix, Inc., the coolest spaceship company I could hope to be associated with.  This album is friendly to all listeners, but it’s designed to warm the hearts of geeks and nerds in particular, since the subject matter is (obliquely) Firefly/Serenity and Battlestar Galactica.  This album was completed in about two months, from inception to mailing off the master, and it has some of the hallmarks of being hurried. I’m very proud of completing it in such a short time though, and proud of the songs I wrote.  Click here to listen for free or purchase!

Lyrics & Liner Notes for Vanilla – my debut album, a labor of love that took nine months to create.  I thought this would be a side project, but within two months of its release, I understood music would be my career for quite a long time.  Click here to listen for free or purchase!


– Lyrics & Notes for Songs of the Month (and other singles) – the collection of misfits lives here.  The Song of the Month project was a lot of fun, since I got to produce so many different songs in so many different styles without having to worry about album cohesion.  I was practicing production, so the early mixes sometimes grate on the ears.  A few of the worthy ones will be re-recorded someday.  Click here to listen for free or purchase!


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